Even With Another Denial, Rumors Of Edge Returning Persist

As reported here on WrestlePages.com, WWE Hall of Famer Edge continues to shoot down rumors of an in-ring return in WWE.

Even with another denial, multiple whispers around the company continue to speculate about him possibly returning to the ring. The justification for the rumors all stem from the fact he did the spear at SummerSlam, which suggests he has gained some type of clearance. Had he not done that, everyone would buy that he is probably finished physically and will just be around WWE as more of an ambassador and a guy that sometimes appears in non-physical situations.

It’s a situation where it’s impossible to evaluate. Edge says he’s not cleared and won’t be wrestling. Obviously he’s going to say that, especially if WWE wants him to return in some type of surprise role. However, aside from him doing the spear, there isn’t much to suggest that he isn’t telling the truth.

Years ago before his serious injuries, Edge burned me when I interviewed him prior to him making a surprise return (I believe it was a Royal Rumble). I asked Edge straight up if he would be returning and he said no, only for him to return. That obviously sticks out to me every time this comes up.

Having written that, it’s absolutely possible he was cleared to do the spear and nothing else and it’s also possible he could do more. However, there is nothing that can be reported for certain either way.


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