Exclusive: Second Generation Talent Hoping To Return To WWE Next Year

Davey Boy Smith Jr., the son of WWE legend the “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, has mentioned in recent interviews that his MLW contract expires at the end of the year.

Smith Jr. had hoped to go to NXT UK next year, but there have been rumors for months that NXT UK could be shutting down or having its budget severely slashed in 2021.

Smith Jr. is not well liked by Vince McMahon, but Triple H had hoped Smith Jr. could help bolster the NXT UK roster.

While WWE and Smith Jr. had had informal talks earlier in the year, since NXT UK went on hiatus, discussions between WWE and Smith Jr. have ceased.

Smith Jr. has told close friends that he hopes to return to WWE next year, but with McMahon sour on him and NXT UK in limbo, that would leave only regular NXT, which may not be a financially attractive option to the 35 year old veteran.


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