Former Wrestling Star Battling Cancer

Yesterday on his Facebook page, Tracy Smothers revealed that he is battling non-life threatening lymphoma cancer:

“To all concerned I was diagnosed Nov.14 w Lymphoma cancer which now am on my 3rd treatment 3 to go Of Chemo which is shrinking the rapid growing tumors. Doc told me yrs ago I have blockage in my artery so here we are an have lost 45 percent of my heart use. Also he said I have lots of head, body trauma. Doc said I had a heart attack some time back an didnt know it. Have felt bad for awhile now but thought I was getting old, lol. This is not fatal as its between my Pancreas, Colon, neck. A big TY to all of u but I look at it as getting a tube up, overhaul, tires rotated, oil change, etc.all in one lol. Remember LIFE is a BATTLE an I’m in it to win it so dont hesitate in trying to be tough by putting off getting checked out in this day an age u never know?? GOD BLESS EVERYBODY..”

Smothers is well known around many of the circuits, as he has competed in WCW (Southern Boys; Young Pistols), WWF (Freddy Joe Floyd; Full Blooded Italians), and ECW (Full Blooded Italians) among others.

From all of us at Wrestle Pages, we wish a speedy and full recovery from this!


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