Former WWE Star & UFC Legend On Why He Should Be Inducted Into HoF recently interviewed Ken Shamrock, who spoke about not being in the WWE Hall of Fame and why he feels he should be inducted:

“You know, there is a lot of speculation, and I have my own thoughts too. But all they are are thoughts and speculation because no one has come out and made a statement… They’ve been asked, but nobody’s [responded]. I’d like to think that someday, I’ll get in. Hopefully sooner than later,” Shamrock admitted. “I think I did enough.

“If you look at being a Hall of Famer, it is about changing the way people have to do things when you’re in the ring,” Ken continued. “You look at it now – you know, nobody ever tapped out. It was a verbal, ‘I give up!’ There were a handful of submission holds. Now, it is in every single match, people are doing different kinds of submissions with ankles, arms, and chokes, and different things. In my time there, I changed the landscape of professional wrestling. To me, I should be the first one… If they are going to induct someone that is a cross-over from MMA to pro wrestling, I should be the first one that goes in.”


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