Goldberg Preparing For SummerSlam By Filming NCIS; Big Update On WWE Future

Goldberg has been preparing for his match against Dolph Ziggler at WWE SummerSlam on Sunday by filming scenes for episodes of NCIS.

Goldberg will reprise the role of Department of Justice (DOJ) Agent Lance Hamilton, a role he debuted back in March. That episode featured Shane McMahon, who played Army Criminal Investigative Department (CID) Special Agent Steve Evans.

The following is from Instagram by Facebook:

As previously noted, WWE is paying Goldberg well for special appearance matches and would like to maintain a working relationship with him past SummerSlam. The apparent goal is for him to work matches once or twice a year as a special attraction.

Richard Reacts: Goldberg is still part of the old wave of pushing talent, when Superstars were built “bigger than the business.” Think guys like Hogan, The Rock, Austin, etc. Vince’s philosophy on this type of talent is to bring them in on occasion as a special attraction to pop ratings or PPV interest. It’s how they use Lesnar and Undertaker. Under the new booking philosophy, guys like Kofi Kingston or even Seth Rollins are pushed to be “a big deal” but not “bigger than the brand.” It’s intentional and it’s the world we live in.

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