Indie Film Crew Will Be Filming Chyna Documentary

The professional wrestling world was truly shocked at Chyna’s tragic passing. However, she was finally inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame last year. Chyna had a larger than life career and there are still many people who have stories to share regarding the 9th Wonder of The World.

Around the time of Chyna’s unfortunate demise, a documentary about her life was being filmed. However, production for it was halted by Chyna’s estate as it allegedly contained footage that the public was not allowed to not see. Now it seems an indie film crew will be filming a documentary on her life.

Vince Russo took to Twitter and revealed that he talked to the film crew of the documentary regarding Chyna’s life. He did not mention who was going to film the documentary, but it is certainly not WWE.

Was interviewed for an upcoming Independent Film Documentary on the late, great Chyna yesterday. I shared some of her writings that I had never made public before. I chose this project because I felt it was the right one. I loved that lady—still do.


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