Jake Roberts Says Current WWE Writers Cannot Write Stories As They Do Not Have Pro Wrestling Experience

Jake Roberts has had a very long career in professional wrestling and is a master of cutting cerebral promos. His in-ring psychology is still one of the best in the business and has continued to captivate fans over the years.

Roberts spoke to Premier Live TV, where the WWE Hall Of Famer revealed he was hospitalized for COPD. He then talked about WWE’s current state of writing storylines. He said that it is not feasible to write compelling storylines when the writers have never been part of the professional wrestling world.

You know, you can’t have a great product when you got people writing your television that’s never been in wrestling. I don’t get that. Where’s that thinking coming from? Oh, I know where his thinking’s at – Vince’s thinking’s that, ‘Oh, I am so freaking good that I can make chicken soup out of chicken sh*t, and I can use idiots to freaking write for me. That’s how big my product is.’ And he’s pretty much right because he’s got so much TV time, he can get over pretty much anything.”


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