Kevin Owens On Wrestlers That Helped Him “Step Up His Game”

Ring of Honor wrestler Cheeseburger asked his “wrestler friends” on Twitter the following question:

Who was the first “name” you wrestled that was so good you realized how little you truly know and helped you step your game up?

Kevin Owens took an opportunity to respond with some interesting insight.

“There’s a lot of them but the most memorable one to me isn’t even someone I wrestled,” Owens tweeted. “Back in 2005, I watched @mrbriankendrick’s match at an ROH show I was also on and was so blown away by how good he was that I’m pretty sure I told @SamiZayn I was going to quit wrestling!”

In a follow-up tweet, Owens went back even further:

“The first one was @facdaniels in 2004. Poor Chris! Then, throughout the years, @StevenCorino, @findevan, @supercima1115, @ringfox1, @LondonFU and @OfficialPWG’s Super Dragon are all guys that made me rethink my entire existence after I had the chance to wrestle them.”

The original tweets are below:


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