Lana’s WWE Future, AEW Working With WWE Or NJPW, What’s Wrong With Vince McMahon, Getting Noticed

What’s the endgame with Lana in WWE?

The vision was to do all of the Lana table spots to babyface her and give her a push. Obviously most believe the multiple table spots were in response to Miro, Lana’s real life husband, telling Vince McMahon to kiss his ass on AEW television. The problem is – it’s not working. Fans do not feel sorry for Lana over the table spots, most viewers love table spots. Last night on Raw Lana was portrayed as delusional after winning the Survivor Series match in the flukiest way possible. Lana’s storyline is a turnoff for many viewers and will likely not get her over in the way Vince hopes.

Will WWE ever work with AEW? Or will AEW get to work with NJPW?

The only way I could see WWE working with AEW is if AEW would run into trouble and WWE would purchase them. That will never happen as long as the Khan family is involved and invested. As for AEW working with NJPW, they are expected to do so at some point in the future. NJPW needs a United States partner as they have struggled to get a new television deal in the country.

Not taking away from the Undertaker farewell, but was I the only one that noticed Vince McMahon’s terrible makeup job? It looked like he was getting ready to climb into a coffin.

Vince McMahon doesn’t look well. It is not just the makeup, he is showing his age. Vince has been under a tremendous amount of stress, even more so with the COVID-19 pandemic. The man is 75-years-old and works like he’s in his mid-30’s. Honestly I feel like an intervention is warranted but Vince is a known workaholic and I don’t see him backing off anytime soon. But I agree, he does not look well.

What’s the easiest way to be noticed on the indie scene?

When the independent promotions get fully operational again the best way to get noticed is to put on good matches. I always tell people, do not be caught up on your booking fee. Work your way up, work shows in big cities and try to get on as many cards as possible. Workers should also be leveraging their social media in order to draw as much attention as possible. If you are completely unknown, go to shows, offer to help set up and take down in exchange for a spot on the card. You have to get matches in front of fans if you are going to build up your following.

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