Lawsuit Involving WWE And Randy Orton’s Tattoos Set For Trial

WWE and Take-Two Interactive Software are engaged in a lawsuit filed by tattoo artist Catherine Alexander.

Alexander did tattoo work for Randy Orton that was originally used for faux sleeves and later portrayed in a video game. She reached out to WWE to negotiate her work being reproduced but ended up filing a lawsuit years ago.

Earlier this week a federal judge in the state of Illinois issued a partial summary judgment ruling WWE and 2K Games had indeed copied her work. The case has received a trial date, which is scheduled for February 16, 2021. Yuke’s Co., Ltd., and Yuke’s LA Inc are also listed in the lawsuit.

The suit was originally set to go to trial last year but was pushed back because the presiding judge retired. The trial was rescheduled to June 2020 but was delayed at the request of the plaintiffs.

The trial will determine whether or not the defendants had the right to use the work in the game or if Alexander deserves royalty payments.

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