Liv Morgan Return Imminent?

Back in September, we ran two different stories concerning Liv Morgan and her return. The first being a cryptic tweet she sent out, and the second concerning her being pulled from a dark match. Both have had the WWE Universe in wait for her return. Over the past two weeks, Morgan has been extremely active on Twitter again tweeting out several cryptic tweets (shown below).

When read individually, they seem like she’s just quoting lyrics from songs or pop culture. However, when strung together, it appears that she is teasing her return to the ring sooner than many think. It should also be noted that Morgan has been backstage at numerous WWE events and at the Performance Center since early September. When will she be returning? We will just have to wait and see!

On a personal note, I believe the returns Friday to confront Charlotte. Her last match was July 16th against Charlotte before going out with an injury.


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