Matt Hardy On Feud Vs Edge

Matt Hardy appeared on ESPN’s Cheap Heat Podcast via a phone call to discuss his feud with Edge following the very public breakup with Lita. During the call, Matt would discuss what it was like having to blend both real life and scripted life:

“For me, it’s where I first started learning to separate personal life from professional life and now I am extremely comfortable in being able to differentiate the two. I mean, at first, it was a little intense, a little strange, knowing that we were all on the same page; everyone was okay. Everybody had to keep their emotions in check and as long as we did that, we knew that everything was going to be good. As time went on, it got a little easier and a little bit better. The most fascinating part about 2005 in my career was that you weren’t able to tell the lines between what was real and what wasn’t real and where that line lies. It’s the most important thing about professional wrestling, especially this day and age in 2019 you need to blur the lines where you are not sure about what is real and what is scripted.”

He also discussed what it was like in the first match of the feud at SummerSlam 2005:

“The first match was just meant for us to carry us on to something else and it was kind of a fluke thing where he dropped me on the post, split my head open. The whole appearance of that wasn’t meant to be that long, it was supposed to be short, almost like emulating a UFC fight by going all out, beating the hell out of each other, and then having a fluke finish. That was the whole mindset behind that.”

You can listen to the whole interview via the link at the top of the article.


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