More On Backstage Meeting At RAW, Seth Rollins Goes After Meltzer

More details/contradictions have come to light after a meeting that took place backstage at last night’s WWE Monday Night RAW in New York.

The meeting was called by Vince McMahon and the message was everything is fine and the delay out of Saudi Arabia was caused by mechanical issues with their aircraft, according to Dave Meltzer.

The reason Crown Jewel aired on a 45-minute delay rather than live in Saudi Arabia was blamed on a technical issue, reports Meltzer. Vince relayed to talent this decision was made by Saudi Arabia.

While no one had any questions, Randy Orton and Rusev said something. The whole report of Seth Rollins giving the locker room a pep talk is in dispute with Rollins vehemently denying it ever happened. He used social media to attack Dave Meltzer for the rumor.

Those tweets are below:


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