New Format Revealed For NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament

The tournament to crown a new NXT Cruiserweight Champion will not be your typical 8-man single-elimination bracket. revealed the following:

-Eight Superstars will be split into two groups of four.

-Superstars will compete against each of the three other members of their group.

-The Superstar with the best record in each group will advance to the championship match.

-Any ties will be broken by head-to-head record.

-The winner of Group A will face the winner of Group B to determine the new Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

The eight competitors will be revealed on Sunday. Stay tuned for the latest updates.


  1. […] As previously noted, this tournament will have a round-robin style where everyone in the block has to face each other to determine the finals. The tournament will begin on this week’s NXT. […]

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