No Hardyz Reunion In AEW, Mysterio’s Daughter And Murphy, Did Vince Use Lana To Retaliate On Miro?, WWE Changing Talent Names

Are you disappointed Jeff Hardy has re-signed with WWE, effectively eliminating a Hardy Boyz reunion in AEW?

I am not surprised Jeff Hardy re-signed with WWE but can tell you 100% that AEW was hoping to bring him in and reunite the Hardy Boyz. The tag team division is very important to AEW and they wanted the reunion to happen there. The terms of Jeff’s new WWE deal are not known but he signed a new contract and will be able to bring back the “No More Words” theme song. As for Matt Hardy and AEW, officials are concerned he could end up walking when his contract is up due to his wife’s unhappiness. You can read that exclusive story here on Insider.

Am I overthinking it or is there a chance WWE begins a storyline between Murphy and Rey Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah?

WWE Twitter “lit up” last night when Aalyah, 19, stopped to check on Murphy, 32 after the melee surrounding the steel cage match. At this point I can only write what was speculated on social media. It would not be the first time WWE has brushed up against the edges with a controversial “relationship,” remember when Brooke Hogan kissed Randy Orton in 2006? At the time Hogan was 18 and Orton was 26. You can judge for yourself below:

Why does WWE change the names of talent?

WWE frequently changes the name of talent so they can own it. They want to make it a WWE trademark so if the performer is able to have success in WWE they can’t take it elsewhere when they leave. Very rarely does a talent such as CM Punk come in and own their name and convince WWE management to use it. It’s the same reason very few people are able to compete under their real name such as John Cena and Randy Orton. Most of the time you can expect WWE to name talent and push their name to prevent issues down the road.

Did Vince McMahon script for Lana to put through a table after Miro’s promo on last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite?

Last week on AEW Dynamite we watched as Miro debuted and told Vince McMahon to kiss his ass. Less than a week later, Nia Jax gave Lana, Miro’s wife, a Samoan Drop, through a table live on Raw. It could be a coincidence or it could be Vince McMahon saying “I noticed.” Knowing how Vince operates, the latter would not surprise me.

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