Oney Lorcan Responds to Triple H About Releases

On Wednesday, during the scheduled Media Conference Call for NXT: TakeOver WarGames, Triple H made the following statement:

“For some talent, some of it’s legit. When you get to the bottom of it, there’s a proper way of doing it. I don’t have an understanding of airing it on social media. That’s not a proper way of going about your business. If I have a problem, I don’t go to social media and Twitter, I go to the talent. I watch guys do it all the time and sometimes it’s funny. I think there’s moments in time where someone says something they didn’t mean. It’s a maturity issue of it’s not how you handle business. We all have cell phones, we meet and we discuss it professionally.”

Earlier today, Oney Lorcan (Biff Busick) went on a rant on Twitter calling out Triple H with regards to that statement:

Oney requested his release from the company at the end of October and hasn’t appeared on any programming since the October 25th episode of 205 Live. Since then, he has returned to the Independent Circuit, utilizing his former name, Biff Busick. He is scheduled to perform this Sunday in Camden, London, England at PROGESS where he will be teaming up with Danny Burch to face Jordan Devlin & Scotty Davis.


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