Reason Behind XFL Suspending Operations

This is meant to clarify some misconceptions regarding the XFL suspending operations. Back on March 13th, when the XFL first announced it was stopping play, players were permitted to sign with NFL and CFL teams, as long as they notify the XFL ahead of signing and XFL Executives agree to the terms. By announcing the layoffs, this allows signings to happen without XFL involvement, making it much easier to sign. As of right now, at least 20 players have signed with NFL or CFL teams.

This also provides employees an opportunity to collect unemployment and other benefits without jumping through the hoops typically associated with claiming. Plus, layoffs allow the XFL to recall the employees and players at a later date. Layoff notices are able to be confirmed easily by the employees home State.

Regarding the 2021 season not happening, this was the official quote from Oliver Luck:

“As of right now, we have no intention of playing the 2021 season.”

It’s a stretch, but it is possible (although unlikely) we get a 2021 season. I think we see them back in 2022. With the wide range of uncertainty regarding COVID-19, this was a smart move as the XFL was looking to expand in 2021 by 2 teams, and the logistics right now regarding an expansion, combined with putting together a 2021 season, would be extremely difficult. By holding off until 2022, this allows more time to work through all the logistics involved with an expansion and gives time for the virus to hopefully pass.

As for finances resulting in a complete XFL shut down for good, that is extremely unlikely. During the announcement on March 13th, it was revealed the XFL has plenty of resources and funds to keep going through another season and half. Plus, they have a 3 year TV deal with FOX and ABC. This doesn’t factor in funding from sponsors, advertisers, and other sources.

We will NOT be reporting that the XFL has shut down until officially announced from within the organization. As of this time, the only employees remaining are those in higher positions. If this were a full shutdown and permanent termination, those employees would not still be around.


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