Renee Young’s Final WWE Date, SummerSlam Outcomes And Surprises, Heat & Controversy On WWE Stars

Do you know when Renee Young’s final date with WWE?

Renee Young gave her notice and will be leaving WWE. Her final date with the company is not known but I am anticipating her no longer being involved with WWE after SummerSlam. As for what is next for the young broadcaster, there is obviously speculation about AEW because of Jon Moxley and FOX is rumored to have interest as well. Young is someone FOX executives were very impressed with when they began their relationship with WWE late last year and she has multiple opportunities outside of professional wrestling should she choose to pursue them.

Do you have any SummerSlam predictions ahead of Sunday’s show?

I tend to shy away from doing predictions due to rapid pace things change. This show presents some unique circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we will hope for an exciting visual display from the new WWE ThunderDome at Amway Center. Randy Orton is too hot to go under to Drew McIntyre, but I am not convinced WWE wants the title off McIntyre. The argument could be made both ways. If Orton does not win the title, I do not see a way where he loses clean. If it does, it is the wrong move. I continue to anticipate Sasha Banks and Bayley turning on one another, so the fact they have the same opponent in Asuka is interesting. Will Sunday be the start of the turn or will the slowest burn of all time continue? Finally, regarding the Universal Championship, does The Fiend end Braun Strowman or does WWE swerve? What I have heard this will be the blow-off between the Wyatt and Strowman.

What about SummerSlam surprises, will there be any?

WWE will look to use the momentum from SummerSlam to carry them into the fall, as they always do. Whether or not it will result in any surprise appearances remains to be seen. They will be quickly building towards Payback, which is the following Sunday. Brock Lesnar was at one point rumored for SummerSlam but I have a hard time believing WWE would want to waste a Lesnar appearance with no fans present.

What is your take on talent such as Matt Riddle and Velveteen Dream being active in WWE despite allegations in the #SpeakingOut movement?

WWE investigates all claims and did not find anything to punish either Superstar. Austin Theory remains away from the company regarding the accusations against him. Let me be clear. I am completely 100% against any type of sexual misconduct in any shape, way, form or fashion. ALL claims should be taken seriously and investigated to the fullest extent. But if an investigation takes place and nothing is found, there is no reason to continue to purse that person. Individuals in this country are innocent until proven guilty and if that guilt cannot be proven, how is it fair for them to lose everything? I understand the evidence people thought there was on Dream and believe me, he is receiving plenty of heat from his co-workers but Triple H feels confident there is no evidence to punish him.

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