Ricky Starks Reveals He Would Never Have Joined AEW If Not For Pandemic

Ricky Starks has certainly impressed fans during his time in AEW. He is currently part of Team Taz. It seems he might not have been with the company had the COVID-19 pandemic not lessened his options.

Starks was hired by AEW following his first match against Cody Rhodes. Tony Khan instantly understood the role he could play. Starks might not have parted ways with NWA if not for the pandemic as he admitted to Chris Van Vliet.

“Uh, probably, probably. I think so. But that’s a hard one because I had a year plan already scoped out for myself and in that year plan, it wasn’t in the writing for me to be there for as long as I could’ve been right now. In my head, I was gonna be there for maybe like eight months, get what I could out of it and then assess my career from there and then move on. But obviously that got shortened out a bit just through the pandemic and things like that and now we’re here.”

Starks certainly has a bright future ahead of him in AEW.

h/t to Post Wrestling for the transcription.


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