Second Generation Star Remains In Talks With WWE About Return

Son of WWE legend the “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, Davey Boy Smith Jr., is in talks with WWE about a return to the company in 2021.

Smith Jr. has claimed publicly that his MLW contract expires at the end of the year. WWE’s plan at one point was to send Smith Jr. to NXT UK if he signed, although those plans may have been nixed.

The view of Smith Jr. within WWE is mixed, with him having rubbed many people the wrong way during a previous stint that lasted five years.

Vince McMahon has always felt Smith Jr. doesn’t have the right charisma to be a top star and that his ego won’t allow him to be content in a less prominent role, which is what ultimately led to his departure. Smith Jr. later left New Japan Pro Wrestling under similar circumstances, unhappy with his mid-card push.

There are coaches in NXT pushing for Smith Jr. to be brought into the US version of NXT, feeling that his experience and technical knowledge could benefit some of the up and coming talent in NXT.

Sources at WWE say Smith Jr. has become more realistic about his salary demands in recent weeks and is very motivated to return to WWE, even if the money isn’t what he was hoping for.


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