Shad Khan On Funding AEW, Why They Aren’t Competing With WWE

Shad Khan joined Yahoo Finance’s “All Markets Summit: Generational Opportunities” to talk about supporting his son Tony in financing All Elite Wrestling.

“It all started with my son Tony. It was his idea, his passion, his drive as a lifelong wrestling fan — so I’ve supported him financially. He kept talking about it, that we ought to do it, and here are the reasons why we should do it. I kept stress testing the idea, and then I struck a check to fund it because if you’re going to do it, it’s gotta be right. That was the most important thing. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, but his idea, his passion, and his drive, and it’s off to a great start.”

Khan explained they’re more focused on building the AEW brand than competing with WWE:

“WWE is a great company, but we are not here competing with them. In the golden age of wrestling during the late ‘90s, there were 10 million fans. Now It’s down to 2 million. So we’re tapping into fans who were not engaged and quite frankly the younger fan who never got quite into it. Competition is good for everybody, but it’s very important for AEW to do our own thing.”


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