The Undertaker Praises Roman Reigns’ Current WWE Storyline

Roman Reigns defended his Universal Championship against Jey Uso on a few occasions and he has beaten Uso every time. He then made Jey Uso submit to him and is now one of his followers. It seems The Undertaker is a huge fan of the storyline.

The Deadman spoke to Vicente Beltran, where he said that he told Bruce Prichard about how much he loves watching the storyline between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. He said the storyline is easy to understand and that is important.

“I was actually talking with Bruce Prichard on the phone a couple of days ago and I mentioned to him how much I’ve enjoyed the Roman Reigns/Jey Uso program, because that’s kind of an old school program, you know? It was very easy to understand, especially if you’re familiar with the Samoan legacy and heritage and how proud that Samoan bloodline is, especially in the wrestling world. To understand that and to have these cousins that grew up and now they’re fighting, it was so — there was so many layers to it. I thought that was the closest thing to really old school stuff that we’ve done in a while, and obviously they delivered. It was an amazing match too.”

The Undertaker will be present at WWE Survivor Series to have his Final Farewell. Roman Reigns will face off against Drew McIntyre on the show and Jey Uso will be competing in the Men’s Survivor Series elimination match.


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