Tony Khan Says ‘AEW Beach Break’ And More ‘Huge Events’ Will Come

AEW is always looking ahead and planning for the future. It seems they have already something planned. Tony Khan confirmed AEW Beach Break will be coming in January but no more details were given.

During the media conference following Full Gear, Tony Khan announced that AEW is planning a Beach Break event in January. The company also has something “huge” planned for December.

The company also has some “huge” episodes of Dynamite planned for the future, which Khan says are some of the biggest they have ever made.

“There’s going to be Beach Break in January, and in December we’ve got some huge events coming up also.”

“The Dynamites coming up are going to be huge, too. So, we’ve got some really big Dynamites coming up, and some big events in December. We’ll see some of our biggest shows we’ve done, I think, in January. Beach Break will be a great event.”

With AEW’s next pay-per-view AEW Revolution taking place in February, the company has a lot of time to plan special episodes for Dynamite.


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