Triple H To Keith Olbermann: “Don’t Be A Dinosaur”

Triple H took a second too respond to former MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann’s negative WWE tweet in new comments to Matt Galka of FOX 10 in Phoenix.

“Here’s what I equate that to,” Triple H said. “If you’re an old dude, sometimes a movie comes up like Iron Man and you go, ‘Are you serious? Cartoons? Comic Books? Are you serious?’

“That’s where people were 20 years ago and now it’s the biggest thing in movies, it’s the biggest thing… Avengers: End Game, right? That is the world today. Dinosaurs die out, the world changes, and if you don’t change with it, then you become extinct, just like the dinosaurs. So, Keith… don’t be a dinosaur or you’ll be extinct, too.”

Watch is comments below along with the original Tweet:


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