Vince McMahon May Finally Be Changing His Mind On WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

Last week the wrestling world mourned the loss of WWE legend Kamala, who had suffered in recent years with a variety of health ailments.

Kamala and WWE had not been on good terms for many years, stemming from a variety of business disagreements and lawsuits that had left Kamala outside of the WWE family for quite some time.

Every time Kamala’s name has come up in regards to the WWE Hall of Fame, Vince McMahon has ultimately nixed the idea.

Kamala was heavily rumored to be inducted back in 2013 and had made it past the first few rounds of cuts as WWE whittled down potential names, only to be removed from the list of candidates before ever being announced for induction.

In recent days, there have started to be some discussions in WWE that it is finally time to induct Kamala. Announcements for the 2021 induction class are still many months away, but WWE usually starts working on lists the summer before as names are suggested and vetoed over a period of months.

McMahon is said to now be open to the idea, as Kamala was one of WWE’s biggest stars at one point and very recognizable to fans of that era. One source described McMahon’s reaction as being the most open he had been to the idea since 2013 when Kamala came close to being inducted.


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  1. Simon Veitch Avatar
    Simon Veitch

    While I’m all for Kamala getting the respect and recognition he deserves, it sickens me that this always happens with Vince after someone has died and Vince realises he has a window to make money off their name once again.

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