WWE Wrapping Up Seth Rollins’ Storylines Were Decisions Made At The Last Moment

Seth Rollins will be on hiatus from WWE for a while so that he can be with his wife Becky Lynch. She will be giving birth to their first child in December.

Reports suggested that he will be away from WWE between four to six weeks and could be returning in the first month of 2021. Before leaving, he will be wrapping up all the storylines he is involved with.

On this week’s episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Seth Rollins will face Murphy in a one on one match. This will wrap up the storyline with Murphy as he already ended his storyline with Rey Mysterio last week.

According to a report by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, these “final” matches to end the storylines took place suddenly and had zero advertising as they were likely made at the last moment.

“This has been known for at least a little while but the idea of his doing the blow-off match out of nowhere with no advertising with Mysterio is because of that, but the idea of not advertising it ahead of time is likely because they didn’t come up with the idea until the last minute given the entire show was rewritten.”


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