AEW In Canada, WWE Star Says They Have Long Road Ahead, Moxley Update

– All Elite Wrestling will be available in Canada, according comments Cody Rhodes made during a Q&A on B/R Live’s Instagram. Details are expected to be available in the next couple of weeks but the promotion will definitely have clearance north of the border.

– Jon Moxley will work the Oct. 30, 2019 episode of AEW on TNT in Charleston, WV, according to the promotion on Twitter. Tickets for that show will go on sale tomorrow at Noon Eastern.

– Recently, Kurt Angle took questions from fans on his Facebook page and one asked him if he saw any parallels from AEW starting up compared to TNA in 2006. Below is what he wrote:

“I see some similarities. AEW has a very long road ahead of them. I know that the talent there is up for a challenge. The can succeed if done right, but AEW will need to realize they will always be #2. WWE is way too big and has way too many years behind them for a new company to step in and take over the top spot. I recall when TNA tried to compete against WWE on Monday nights. I told the TNA office that we will never beat WWE. I told them we should realize that we’re #2 and should be happy with it. AEW has a tough road. Can they succeed? Yes. Will they beat WWE in ratings and arena ticket sales? No.”

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