AEW Negotiating TV Deal In UK, Nick Jackson Compares NXT To Impact

The Young Bucks did an interview with, which will be published in its entirety soon. The interview included some noteworthy items.

– AEW is still in negotiations for a television deal in the UK. The Bucks couldn’t say if it would be finished in time for the first episode and they couldn’t reveal the network they were negotiating with.

– The Young Bucks confirmed AEW plans to do multiple shows per year in the UK. Matt Jackson stated they had an idea to do a pay-per-view in the UK and call it Royal Flush but Tony Khan said it sounded like a trip to the loo and shot him down.

– Nick Jackson confirmed he watched this week’s WWE NXT premiere on the USA Network. He said it was a fun show but 10 weeks from now, fans might get tired because it happened with Impact doing a show from the same studio. Matt said he wanted them to have a good show but AEW’s show is going to be better.


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