Amid Continued Criticism, Chris Jericho Reveals He’s Tested COVID-19 Negative 12 Times

Chris Jericho continues to take heat on social media over his band Fozzy playing in North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jericho, while tweeting about AEW’s success in the key demographics over WWE NXT, of course used the hashtags #DemoBurn an #DemoGod. This caused one fan to respond negatively.

“Covid god is more like it,” the fan tweeted. “Wait till the AEW roster gets a little bit of the Rona.”

Jericho participated in the AEW Dynamite tapings this past week after the concerns and noted he has tested negative for the virus 12 times.

“Sorry pal. Tested Negative w the swab for the 12th time….”

Jericho did cause some significant concern over the weekend, as we reported exclusively here on Insider.


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