Backstage News On Cain Velasquez’s Status With WWE

Cain Velasquez is coming to WWE to rehash his 2010 feud with Brock Lesnar in attempt to draw interest from the professional wrestling audience.

After debuting on the FOX premiere of SmackDown, some questions remain on Velasquez’s contract status. ESPN combat reporter Marc Raimondi reported after SmackDown that Velasquez had not yet signed his WWE deal. It was something Cain himself told Raimondi after the show itself (interview embedded above).

Dave Meltzer was told from a WWE source that Cain was signed and he felt it made sense because they wouldn’t run such an angle if a contract wasn’t finalized.

Apparently there was a deal in place that was taken off the table on Monday before RAW when word started making rounds that Velasquez was WWE bound.

Velasquez made his professional wrestling debut earlier this year with AAA under a mask and working more as a high-flyer. WWE didn’t want that but rather, wanted him to embrace his history as a UFC legend that is treated as a legitimate fighter.

While his UFC contract still has several fights left on it, he’s reportedly notified officials he plans to remove himself from the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) testing pool, which would retire him from active MMA competition.

The plan is for WWE to do Lesnar vs. Velasquez at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia later this month.

Prior to signing with WWE, Velasquez had negotiated with AEW.


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