Backstage News On Edge & MVP’s Futures In WWE

Two legends who competed in the men’s Royal Rumble match may be seen more often on WWE TV following their surprise appearances.

Edge has reportedly signed a three-year deal with the company and is expected to be featured as a special attraction in sporadic appearances. The WWE Hall of Famer is likely to compete at WrestleMania 36 with talks of a potential match against Randy Orton.

Edge’s deal was said to be signed back in August when AEW was trying to pursue Edge. Vince McMahon got word of this and offered him a substantial amount more to prevent that from happening. AEW was wanting Edge to sign prior to All Out and use him as a surprise competitor in a match. The AEW deal also would’ve featured him in a producer role.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that MVP will be sticking around for more WWE appearances, but it’s said to only be for a short period of time. MVP entered at #12 in the Rumble and was quickly tossed out by Brock Lesnar.


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