Backstage News On How WWE Spoiled Draft Picks On

As previously reported here at,’s initial post of the 2019 Draft pools for RAW and SmackDown spoiled actual draft picks.

While it remains to be seen if tonight’s picks have been spoiled, the picks announced on SmackDown ended up being revealed almost exactly in order as they were listed on

When the list was given to WWE’s website staff, they were told to put the names in alphabetical orders, reports Dave Meltzer. For whatever reason, that part was ignored and the list was posted as it was given. Once word started to get around about the error, the post was updated with the names in alphabetical order, as originally intended.

There were some changes made right away as Heavy Machinery were part of the Raw pool but were drafted to SmackDown. It’s believed WWE will make additional draft changes tonight due to the mistake and to keep things from being predictable.


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