Backstage News On What Led To Eric Bischoff’s WWE Departure

As previously noted here on, Bruce Prichard has been named the SmackDown Executive Director, and Eric Bischoff is no longer a WWE employee.

PWInsider reports that Bischoff was let go after a SmackDown creative meeting at WWE HQ on Tuesday morning. Additionally, he likely won’t have to wait out a 90-day no compete clause because he was an executive and not talent.

F4WOnline adds that the departure wasn’t a shock to many as morale was said to be low.

Bruce Prichard, who was promoted to a Senior Vice President over the summer, was responsible for acclimating Bischoff to his role. Rumor has it that Prichard ended up being more involved than Bischoff, who was said to be hard to get ahold of and hard to find backstage after meetings.

Bischoff made it publicly known upon being hired that it would take time for him to get familiar with the talents and storylines.

It’s being said that there won’t be major creative changes because Prichard has already been handling those responsibilities. Prichard and head writer Ed Koskey will continue to spearhead SmackDown’s creative going forward.

Bischoff issued the following statement via Twitter after the news broke:


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