Backstage News On Why Brock Lesnar Attacked Rey Mysterio And Son On RAW

The final destination to Brock Lesnar coming in and destroying Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick on last night’s RAW is a future program with UFC legend Cain Velasquez, according to Dave Meltzer.

The idea was that Lesnar took out WWE’s top Mexican Superstar and his son and that Cain, a legitimate Mexican badass hero, would eventually come to the company and get revenge. We first noted WWE’s interest in a Cain vs. Lesnar program here on

Cain remains under UFC contract and is doing work with AAA but he has had talks with WWE and the talks are reportedly serious. While Velasquez has already impressed with a high-flying style, WWE wouldn’t be interested in using him as such. They would rather present him as a serious fighter.

AEW, who have a working relationship with AAA, are also interested in Velasquez.

There are, however, multiple obstacles to Velasquez signing with any professional wrestling company. Meltzer reports he would likely undergo knee surgery prior to any type of long-term commitment and  as mentioned, he remains under UFC contract, which still has several fights left on it.


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