Becky Lynch Fined For Striking Referee At WWE Clash Of Champions

WWE has fined Becky Lynch $10,000 for her inadvertent strike on the WWE official during her match with Sasha Banks.

During the match, Sasha Banks introduced a chair when it seemed like she couldn’t finish Lynch. Lynch countered and decided to use the chair herself, however Banks ducked and she struck the referee with the chair.

The women then brawled all over the arena, and Becky was disqualified. It remains to be seen how Becky will react to this, but you can believe she will have something to say about this on Raw.

Sasha Banks wasn’t too happy about the ending of the match, and had something to say about it in a tweet where she thanked Vince McMahon. Expect this story to continue when Raw emanates from the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee.


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