Brandi Rhodes On AEW Making Women’s Division Immediate Priority

AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes recently spoke with where she hyped next week’s Dynamite premiere on TNT.

In the interview, she talked about AEW establishing their women’s division right out of the gate.

“You’re going to see in the first few weeks of TV a heavy focus on the familiar names,” she added. “There will probably be some you haven’t seen before, but they were actually signed for some period of time. So, it’s going to be new to you, but we’ve been planning to use them for a long time.

“We want to get them established and get the audience aware of what they are capable of. Then the sky is the limit as far as the women’s division goes. We did have a ton of really great competitors in that Casino Battle Royale. I was really excited for and impressed with a lot of the girls. I think the fans were too. Just wait and see. You will probably see some of those involved in there again.”


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