What’s Next For Brock Lesnar, Major WWE Injury A Shoot Or Work?, Another Hour Of AEW, Retribution’s Future

What’s next for Brock Lesnar?

Brock Lesnar is a free agent and has the opportunity to work for WWE again. The rumors are going to run wild because of his name and status but there is not a whole lot to this. Lesnar has worked deal-to-deal for years in WWE and they have always closed the gap and got one done when needed for him to work a select number of dates. Brock is a major attraction for WWE and one of their most accomplished Superstars but given his limited schedule, I don’t consider the fact he may not be available for WrestleMania that big of a deal. Obviously people want to know if AEW is an option and it is if they are willing to pay him millions of dollars for a few dates. UFC would seem like the most likely fit, where they negotiate a big payout for the 43-year-old’s services. The bottomline is it’s good to be Brock Lesnar. He has multiple multimillion dollar opportunities available to him, all of which will require him to work a limited schedule.

Is Rey Mysterio’s injury a work or shoot?

Rey Mysterio legitimately suffered a torn triceps at WWE Payback on Sunday night. Mysterio came to Raw and it was learned late in the night his triceps was torn, which is why he was replaced in his singles match against Seth Rollins with his son Dominik. Mysterio is going to go the conservative route and try to repair the injury with rehab and if that does not work, he will need surgery. The best thing is Mysterio just agreed to a new WWE contract after working without one for quite some time. This will guarantee him money while he is off and money for surgery if it is needed. Less work for more money, is that not what everyone aims to get?

With AEW’s new one-hour show set to debut before the end of the year, do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea for the growing promotion?

The extra hour of AEW TV on one of WarnerMedia’s properties will mean more money for the promotion, so that is a good thing. What concerns me is the overload of content, diluting Dynamite and lowering fan interest. I have been a strong critic of Monday Night Raw being three hours and firmly believe viewership would increase if they would go back to two hours. There is literally professional wrestling content on every night of the week, so fans have to pick and choose which shows they want to watch. Another hour will mean a bigger commitment for AEW’s fanbase, which will work with those who are hardcore. Will the casual fan follow? I believe AEW should be trying to attract more casual fans to Dynamite before focusing on a new project but we will see how it plays out.

Any idea on when the identities of Retribution will be learned?

WWE will introduce the Retribution members when they have something for them creatively. The latest rumor is they will be exclusive to Raw, so they might not show up on SmackDown from this week forward. It cannot last forever as progression is going to be needed to keep an already controversial angle from becoming stale.

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