Cain Velasquez Asked About Conor McGregor In WWE

Cain Velasquez recently did an interview with with BT Sport where he talked about the transition from the UFC to WWE. To no one’s surprise, he was asked about Conor McGregor and if he could make the move.

“I think he’d be well suited because of his promos,” Velasquez said. “That’s probably the hardest part and he nails that. And he’s just a great athlete so he can definitely do it, yeah!”

McGregor, who is coming off a very impressive win over Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 this past Saturday, has never worked for WWE. Stephanie McMahon is on record as to saying they would welcome him if he was open to it.

However, McGregor has firmly established himself as the biggest star in UFC history and is expected to fight more this year. WWE would obviously love his star power but it would come at a significant price.


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