Cezar Bononi Reveals How He Had No Idea How To Behave In AEW After WWE Release

Former NXT Superstar Cezar Bononi was among the many Superstars released on April 15th. He did not have a good time with the company, which he recently revealed. Now he has been making appearances in AEW and it is far different from his previous experience in WWE.

Cezar Bononi spoke on Dan Matha’s ‘Spark In The Dark’ podcast, where he revealed that he did not know how to behave in AEW at first. Shawn Spears helped him out in the beginning but after that, he still did not know how to act in the company.

He was used to how things worked in WWE NXT. He was then told to “relax” as everyone was cool. He was no longer in “the other place.” Tony Khan already knowing who he was and calling him by his first name was something new to him.

“Whenever I got my papers, first thing, just hit up Tye Dillinger, Ronnie and he got me in contact with the guys from AEW, they invited me over, I went there. They treated me so good, different environment that I had no idea how to behave. I was like [how] I was in the WWE. Looking, not much looking people in the eyes, I had no idea what to do until one point, one of the refs just came to me and said, ‘Look, you’re not at the other place anymore. Just relax, talk to people, everybody’s cool’ and it’s true. Everybody’s cool, everybody [will] talk to you. Tony Khan called me by my name from far away, ‘Hey Cezar! How are you?’ And I was… like such a different environment.”


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