Chris Jericho Says NXT Is Not Cared For By WWE

Chris Jericho is a veteran in the professional wrestling business. It follows what WWE does on a regular basis and as he worked in the company for several years, he knows the inner workings of WWE as well.

Jericho recently spoke to Busted Open Radio, where he talked about WWE trying to stop AEW’s momentum. According to Jericho, WWE does not care about the NXT brand as they simply use NXT in order to get in AEW’s way as AEW is slowly receiving comparable ratings to Monday Night RAW.

“It’s hard to say this without sounding egotistical.  I’m not saying this from a place of ego.  I’m talking from a place of fact.  It really did change the business.  When I signed with AEW, it was the equivalent of when Bobby Hull signed with the WHA in 1972.  He was the biggest star in the NHL and when he left to go to this new upstart league, everybody in the NHL got a raise including my dad, Ted Irvine, and a big one because they didn’t want to lose any other players.  That’s what happened with me.”
“The day I signed with AEW, everybody in the WWE got a raise.  Finally, the guys were making money, but still not what they should get in some cases, but still more than they got a whole lot more than what they were getting.  I think if those guys think about it, they all owe me a steak dinner because they are all making double what they were making all because Vince didn’t want them to go to AEW.  He didn’t give a sh*t about their talent level or what they were doing or who they were.”

“It became a real war at that point more than there has ever been. But all this could have been avoided by Vince if you think about it, but he was the one that kind of allowed me to go and now look where we are a year later.  We are kicking their ass and if there wasn’t NXT on a Wednesday, and it’s only there to stop our momentum.  They don’t care about their own show.  They care only about stopping our momentum.  We would be getting close to RAW ratings on certain nights.”


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