CM Punk Addresses Whether Or Not He’ll Return To The Ring For WWE

On last night’s episode of WWE Backstage, CM Punk addressed his return to WWE television.

Punk explained how the position wasn’t in existence six months ago but he was interested when it was offered to him. He talked about how the job is with FOX and not WWE and that he can criticize the product without fear of being fired or suspended. Punk stated maybe the job can help him “find in his way” in the business again.

He said the position offers him a chance to pick and choose what he wants to do and not be forced to work with “jerks.” He said he was nervous to return but that’s what makes the job exciting for him.

Punk stated returning to the ring is not something he is actively pursuing, while also being clear to point out that he works for FOX and not WWE. He said it’s a “never say never” scenario but there are a lot of hurdles and it could be like building the Great Wall of China.

Punk feels like the current product is overproduced and micromanaged. He likes what the women are doing but doesn’t feel they need to be forced with the hashtags/women’s revolution stuff and they should just be allowed to do their thing.

He called the Baron Corbin segment on SmackDown “garbage.”

Punk believes Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio has the potential to give fans what they want and stated the Chicago crowd will help be the “third person” in the bout.

He said Seth Rollins needs to stop tweeting. Punk asked Renee Young to reveal her favorite member of The Shield and she said she likes them all equally.

Punk ended the show by cutting a promo on Tom Arnold.

We have Punk’s comments embedded in the video above.


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