Daniel Bryan Talks About His Current WWE Run

Daniel Bryan has been wrestling for a very long time and has competed all over the world in various promotions. As he gets older, his body is simply no longer able to perform at the same level as he used to.

Bryan spoke on Talking Smackdown, where the former WWE Champion talked about his current run in WWE. He feels that his skills are not as good as they used to be. He thinks it is unfair as he continues to work very hard.

While his endurance is still great, he is no longer able to jump as high as he used to towards the end of a match. In comparison, AJ Styles can still perform moves he used to do a decade ago.

“I am at a point now, in my life and career, where I want to test myself against the best performers in WWE. Whether that’s against people I haven’t faced yet, and even people I have faced, since we’ve all evolved.”

“I noticeably have lesser spring in my step as the match goes on, something I realized during my match against AJ Styles.”

“I never had a problem with endurance before. [Although] I still don’t get tired but later in a match, I can’t jump as high anymore, and AJ still can.”

“And it’s funny because he’s older than me. How is this fair? I train my butt off,”

Bryan is still one of the most popular Superstars on Friday Night Smackdown. He is also a writer and has been writing for the past few months.