Details On Backstage Meeting At Tonight’s RAW, Seth Rollins Addresses Roster

There is a feeling of uneasiness and weariness backstage at tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW in Long Island, NY.

The cause of the feeling is of course related to the issues getting out of Saudi Arabia and some distrust over what WWE publicly stated was due to mechanical issues with their aircraft. Seth Rollins addressed the roster and encouraged everyone to come together and discouraged people from airing grievances or speculation on social media. One source felt like it was a situation Seth felt uncomfortable with and the talk came off as forced and awkward as a result.

Talent relations spoke to talent about speculation and reiterated the delayed departure was caused by a mechanical issue. There was no mention of a disagreement/argument between Vince McMahon and the Prince.

There was an opportunity for talent to ask questions and there were none. One source reports a feeling of workers being tired and burn out.

Sources: WrestleVotes, Reddit user ToyStorySix


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