Did Kenny Omega Turn Heel In Recent Promo About Jon Moxley?

Kenny Omega addressed Jon Moxley’s tweets about his injuries and having to remove himself from AEW’s upcoming All Out pay-per-view on the latest edition of Being The Elite.

Omega mocked Moxley for his sentimental message about the “boo-boo” on his elbow and said Moxley owes him and the fans an apology.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Omega is turning heel. Dave Meltzer reports the promo was more of AEW’s approach of treating characters as shades of gray as opposed to traditional heels and babyfaces.

According to Meltzer, AEW just wanted to build heat even if it meant going the direction of Omega coming off like a heel. Other top talent such as Cody Rhodes or The Young Bucks can work as either babyface or heel and fluctuate depending on program and situation.

Regarding Moxley, he legitimately has MRSA in his elbow and will be unable to compete at Saturday’s All Out pay-per-view. He will be replaced by PAC in a singles match against Omega.

You can watch the latest episode of Being The Elite embedded in the video above.

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