James Storm Was Set For Post-WrestleMania WWE Debut Before Pandemic

In an interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet, James Storm revealed that he was all set to officially sign with WWE before the pandemic put a stop to those plans.

I get home and I see I got an email from Canyon Ceman saying, ‘Hey, we’re interested. Paul Heyman wants me to reach out and bring you to Raw,” Storm said. “I was like, ‘Wait … I think Bobby is going to Raw. Hmmm. This could be interesting.’ Ya know? 

Storm happened to miss that email during Royal Rumble weekend while working a NWA show. Then there were plans for him to join WWE after WrestleMania.

“I told them I would work the weekend of WrestleMania shows with Eli [Drake] to drop the NWA belts to whoever they wanted to drop it to. Just go out on good terms. Good business, ya know? Then that show got cancelled for the NWA, and then it kept snowballing.”

Storm is currently NWA Tag Team Champions alongside Eli Drake. It remains to be seen what is next for The Cowboy.


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