John Cena Undresses While Reminding People To Check Sources

John Cena appeared on the latest episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. You can watch the appearance, which begins just after the 19-minute mark, in the video embedded above.

In the clip, Cena was giving his take on the subject of the episode, “Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories.”

“There’s a little of official looking stuff on the internet, not all of it is true,” said Cena. “And there is some stuff that seems false but isn’t. Like this one – John Oliver and I are the exact same age. Yep, born on the same year on the exact same day. That seems impossible that two human bodies can age so differently. But it’s true – I checked. And it’s important you do that so before you go believe any theory about the pandemic or share any information about the pandemic, it’s good to know where that information is coming from.”

For whatever reason, Cena removed his shirt during the segment.


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