Lana Botches Lines

Lana botched her segment with Bobby Lashley last night. According to Dave Meltzer, she was only supposed to say “90 miles” and not “90 days”:

“She was supposed to say 90 miles, she was not supposed to say 90 days. Lashley was supposed to correct her and then she would say 90 feet. But somehow, she said 90 days, which she wasn’t supposed to say. So she did in fact screw up. I thought that the 90 miles had to be a screw up but in fact, that line was part of the script.”

Lana Tweeted the following in response:

Either way, the whole thing makes Lana look like a dumb blonde in the end. This storyline is (unfortunately) scheduled to continue until likely the Royal Rumble. The first match between Rusev and Lashley isn’t even scheduled to happen until December.

For those curious, the whole thing involving the three is just storyline. This storyline was originally supposed to be given to Lashley, Maria, and Mike Kanellis, but they refused and eventually led up to Mike requesting his release from WWE.


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