Matt Jackson Takes Another Jab At Randy Orton

Matt Jackson and Randy Orton had a brief exchange on Instagram last week, which resulted in a bit of AEW vs. WWE banter.

For those that missed it here on, Jackson posted a clip on his Instagram account from The Young Bucks’ match against Grayson and Evil Uno on last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. The clip showed Matt flipping off the stage to the floor and knocking down some other members of the Dark Order in the process.

“I really stuck that landing, didn’t I,” Jackson captioned.

Randy Orton commented, pointing out that Jackson did not hit anybody. He then listed a number of former WWE Stars that work for AEW. “Sweet landing…but you didn’t hit anybody,” he replied. “Tell Cody, Goldust, Harper, Swags, Y2J, Hardy, Ryder, Spears, Ambrose, Arn, Milenko, Gunn, and most importantly FTR for me.”

Jackson ended up responding by referencing an offer Paul “Triple H” Levesque made to him [to come to WWE] in 2018 before they launched AEW. “Thank Paul for the generous offer in 2018,” he wrote. “Hope you’re all happy & healthy!”

During this week’s episode of Being the Elite, Matt was asking Brandon Cutler to film a scene for the “50+ seconds for 50+” segment. Matt has an ongoing joke as he has been trying to figure out various ways to increase Dynamite’s 50+ demo as they usually don’t win the demo against NXT.

“It’s just gotta be something boring, slow and plodding,” Jackson said, before responding to something from Cutler that was inaudible. “it’s a good idea, but I don’t think WWE is going to license out a Randy Orton match.”

You can watch the latest episode of Being the Elite embedded in the player above.


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