Mike Kanellis Clarifies He Never Went To Rehab And WWE Didn’t Reach Out

Mike Kanellis clarified today on Twitter that he never went to rehab to get sober.

Kannellis, who will go by his real name Mike Bennett in Ring of Honor, is opening up about his journey to sobriety. Earlier this month, he celebrated being sober for three years.

“I never went to rehab,” Bennett tweeted. “My wife was my rehab. I recovered on the road. They never paid for my rehab and they also never reached out to me once. Not a single person in management ever contacted me to see if I needed help or if I was doing ok in my recovery. All credit goes to my wife.”

He also clarified that he never stopped working while he was getting sober. Bennett tweeted:

“I never stopped working. I was on the road every week. Why would they stop paying me? Also if you read my previous tweets, I never said I blame them for not reaching out. I said it made me sad, because they say talent well being is first and foremost,” tweeted Mike.

Bennett and his wife, Maria Kanellis, will be on the ROH Strong Podcast on Monday. They’re set to shoot on WWE releasing them two months after the birth of their second child, working together in Ring of Honor and more.

The tweets are below:




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