More On New Faction Creating “Chaos” At WWE Raw

Photo credit - WWE/USA Network

WWE debuted a new faction on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

This week’s show was full of “mysterious” incidents caused by the faction, such as messing with the lights or turning off microphones. There was a production box that was overturned in the back, in an act that was said to be intentional.

WWE introduced surveillance camera footage that showed five people wearing all black and tossing Molotov cocktails at a power source.

Below is a GIF:

As previously reported, this went along with Shane McMahon’s new Raw Underground segment. Raw Underground featured worked-shoot Fight Club style fights in a rope-less ring.

Apparently, the idea is for the faction to create chaos and change the way the company operates.  In reality, WWE is doing it in attempt to increase the viewership and interest of Raw.